[BUY] Lyman Universal Bore Guide Set Rating Review

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The Lyman Universal Bore Guide Kit 04045 has been create to be the perfect system for keeping your weapon clean and properly maintained.

94.25 /100
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Specifications for Lyman Universal Bore Guide Set:

Caliber: .17 Caliber

1-Lyman Universal Bore Guide Set
2-Lyman Universal Bore Guide Set

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Rodger - Add Reply

Lyman Universal Bore Guide Set works very nicely in your bolt action rifle. Easy set up and easy to use. Like the three different sizes of bore guides and especially like the AR-15 accessory. I would highly recommend this product for use when cleaning your rifle.

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Otis - Add Reply

Bore guide works great and fits a wide assortment of calibers and rifle styles. ** I use a one piece nylon coated cleaning rod. The first time is used it with the Lyman bore guide I found that the guide had a sharp edge in the ID on the tube. This cause the nylon to be shaved away from my cleaning rod and those shaving to be left inside the chamber and the barrel of my rifle. Might want to take a fine piece of sand paper and run about the inside edge trying to use the product. **

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