[BUY] Galco Battl Sling ( Rem/Moss Shotgun) Black BTL-12B Rating Review

Galco Battl Sling ( Remingtom / Mossberg Shotgun) Black BTL-12B on sale and available from our online store. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for Galco Combat Slings.

Model BTL-12B with front attachment hardware fits Remington 870, 1100, 11-87 and Mossberg 590.

The Galco BATTL Sling - Bilateral Ambidextrous Tactical Transition for Longarms - was designed for use with long guns in combat and tactical environments. It possesses several key advantages over more conventional three-point and single-point slings. The primary tactical advantage of the BATTL Sling lies in its ability to quickly and easily transition between strong-side and weak-side firing positions. The speed and ease of this transition is particularly useful in the tactical environment when approaching a corner or obstacle that is most safely negotiated by transitioning from one shoulder to the other, maximizing available cover. The BATTL Slings 2 wide Main Strap helps distribute weight and allows comfortable all-day carry of even a heavy shotgun while still maintaining a posture of complete readiness. The length of the Main Strap allows it to easily fit over body armor, web gear, hydration systems, and other mission-essential equipment. Galcos positioning of the front strap attachment offers better balance, safer muzzle orientation and easier traversing capability than other three-point slings on the market today. The BATTL Sling includes a Fastex Release Buckle on the Main Strap that enables the user to instantly remove the sling and shotgun. This allows detachment of the slung shotgun in the event of an emergency. BTL-12B includes an extremely durable ambidextrous steel (AS-35 Geneva) front sling attachment that mounts securely under the magazine cap/extension.

Available in black.

91.5 /100
  • Design


  • Performance


  • Value for money


  • Feature


Specifications for Galco Gun Slings BAT12B:

Mfg Item Num:  BAT12B
Type:  Battle Tact Sling
Swivel Size:  N/A
Length:  Adjustable
Width:  2"
Color:  Black
Material:  Heavy Duty Webbing

1-Galco Battl Sling ( Rem/Moss Shotgun) Black BTL-12B
2-Galco Battl Sling ( Rem/Moss Shotgun) Black BTL-12B
3-Galco Battl Sling ( Rem/Moss Shotgun) Black BTL-12B

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Delbert - Add Reply

Great tactical slings,I also have a AK47/SKS

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Ted - Add Reply

I have some black-hawk slings that get used regularly and this Galco beats the snot out of them. If you want a great quality sling at a superb price, that is also comfortable with heavy weapons then you will not go wrong with this. And, its made in AMERICA folks! Pros: HEAVY DUTY, WELL CONSTRUCTED Cons: NONE

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